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Ramona Preschool Program

About Ramona Preschool

The Ramona Preschool Program opened during the 2006-2007 school year and successfully finished its first year of services. This program is designed to promote and increase English literacy skill among children of La Colonia and surrounding neighborhoods in order to improve educational outcomes. For this reason the program is place within the Colonia boundaries to best serves this population. This goal is interwoven with a commitment to enhance parent's role as their children's first teachers by forstering parent leadership and involvement. El Centrito's Ramona Preschool Program works in collaboration with the Waterford Early Reading Program to achieve this goal.

The Ramona Preschool Program is offered twice daily, 5 days a week, for ten months. Each class lasts 3 hours and has a maximum of 24 children enrolled. Classes are staffed by a Ramona Site Supervisor, three teachers, and parents/community volunteers. Families seek El Centrito staff services at Ramona because staff are bilingual, bicultural, services are free or on a sliding scale, and the agency addresses the multiple needs of families at-risk from a multi-dimensional service approach.

Is my child eligible?

The program focuses on children ages four to five years. Children must be four years old by December 2nd of the current year in order to be eligible to participate.

What is the Waterford Early Reading Program?

The School Readiness Program employs interactive multimedia software supplemented with a teacher’s guide and classroom activities to deliver the instruction. The Waterford Early Reading Program is a comprehensive educational software curriculum based on studies that indicate that some children are not exposed to literature activities before they enter kindergarten. The program addresses this limited exposure to reading activities and overcomes the shortfall of pre-literacy preparation in a focused, fun and effective way. Furthermore, a set of books and videotapes may be checked out by students to supplement classroom instruction at home.

How will children benefit from this program?

Children have fun in the program! Each child spends 15 minutes at a computer everyday. Children build letter recognition skills through daily exposure to the alphabet, songs, and letter games. They learn to understand oral and written language, directionality of print, and the difference between letters and words. Children gain reading skills by being actively involved in literature activities. They are involved in activities that teach shapes, colors, numbers, story sequence, and much more on a regular basis.

Is the program bilingual?

Yes. The Waterford materials are in English, but the software includes music of many languages. The Waterford institute has successfully used this software with children of limited English Proficiency skills. To meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our community, the program is staffed by bilingual teachers, who use books, puppetry, and traditional songs and games in English and Spanish.

How are parents involved?

El Centrito is committed to actively involving parents by fostering parent leadership, emphasizing the value of reading to their children, and enhancing their role as their children's first teacher. To achieve these goals, all parents of children involved in the program are required to participate in monthly training workshops that promote a rich learning environment at home. Parents also agree to do volunteer work with El Centrito throughout the course of the program.

Contact Information

For more information contact Elizabeth Rodriguez
Phone Number: (805) 483-8685 extension 223
E-mail: Calmecac@elcentrito.org

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