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Padres Promotores


About Padres Promotores Program

El Centrito offers internship opportunities to qualified college students interested in pursuing a career in social services or education. For more information contact the administrative office at 805 483-8685.

El Centrito offered a four days Padres Promotores Education Project training begining February 19, 2010 in partnership with the Santa Ana Community Partnership and Just Communities of Santa Barbara.

The Padres Promotores Program provides parents with higher education information, and organizes parents to challege and address the educational systems that fail students. The goal of this program is to provide Oxnard Latino parents with the knowledge and tools to increase the college-going rate of Oxnard Latino students and build the strengh of parents to challege the educational system that are failing students.

How are parents involved?

El Centrito is committed to actively involving parents by training and developing parents as local leaders - Promotores. The Promotors are building their own capacity and power at the grassroots level, and empower other parents to act on behalf of their community.

Promotores training has been conducted by Santa Ana Parent leaders who have experience in recruiting, training, and organizing Latino parents to engage meaningfully in schools and learn about early college preparation, college options, and financial aid. The program followes a train-the-trainer model with continued mentoring and coaching beyond the intensive three day training program. The Promotors delivere the message through conducting home visits, connecting with existing neighborhood networks, and hosting informal community dialogues. The home visits and informational meetings also include a component regarding how parents can learn to challenge the school system and address inequalities in education.

Contact Information

For more information contact Joseph Castañeda, Promotores Coordinator
Phone: 805-483-8685 x 225
E-mail: familyliteracy@elcentrito.org


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