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Family Literacy

About Family Literacy

Calmecac is a Nahuatl word that refers to a public place of learning. The objectives of our Family Literacy Program are captured by the tradition and passion for education within Calmecac. The Calmecac program provides intensive family literacy and family support services to children ages 2-5 years and their parents. The program components include Adult Education classes for parents (class options include ESL, GED, or High School Diploma), Parent Education workshops, a pre-school program for the children, and a period of Parent and Child Interactive Literacy Activities (PCILA).

While parents attend classes at the Adult School, their children participate in the Toddler or Preschool Programs, which offer early childhood education classes for children ages 2 to 5 years. These classes increase the developmental skills of the children and prepare them for academic and social success in school.

PCILA Time provides an opportunity for parents and their children to interact together as they work, play, read and learn. Parents grow to understand how their children learn through playing and other literacy-based activities.

El Centrito is committed to actively involving parents in their children’s educational journey, whether in the home or in the classroom. The goals of the Parent Education workshops include helping to foster parent leadership and building skills to enhance their role as their children’s first teacher.

This program serves the needs of low-income families with low literacy levels. The program serves 30-40 families per year. El Centrito collaborates with various partners in Oxnard providing family literacy services including Oxnard Adult Education, Oxnard Elementary School District, and the Oxnard Public Library. The program is funded primarily by the Department of Education Even Start Program, with support for early childhood education activities also provided by Ventura County First 5 and private and corporate foundations.

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Anna Geer, Family Literacy Manager

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